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Thanks. Yeah I was basically sick from March 1st to mid April. Kids are petri dishes so it is what it is. First covid was beginning of April and was no good, now caught it somewhere in Nashville and was as bad, but symptoms didn't last near as long. Just a bit of a cough now. I'm sure it won't be the last time. Hope you can get back to health here sooner than later.

I'm almost back to normal, thankfully. I haven't taken any cold/sinus meds in the last 36 hours, and don't seem to be any worse for wear. The only lingering symptoms are hyperactive sinuses and wicked post-nasal drip causing a hoarse, 'wet' cough every once in a while. I'm hacking up "lung cookies" every couple hours and it's a great relief afterward.

Otherwise, I feel... pretty much fine. Hopefully no more of this crap anytime soon!
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