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Originally Posted by psyang View Post
Pre-beginner, Beginner, Survival, Junior, Intermediate, Senior.

I remember because I hated swimming growing up and I failed both pre-beginner and beginner (maybe more than once). By the time swimming lessons stopped in school (grade 5 or 6?), I had managed to get my survival badge.
I was always a terrible swimmer - I told this story here before:

My mom put me in a swim club when I was about 13 years old. I was a terrible swimmer, and could not open my eyes in the water, and never learned to breathe properly.

Somehow, I got entered in a swim meet in the Butterfly stroke. I was way behind the other swimmers - maybe a length or two, and when I started the last length I could hear the whole stadium cheering loudly - for the "special" boy who tried his best against normal children.
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