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Originally Posted by Julio View Post
Interesting commentary on the Armenian-Azari conflict, and how it might future tactics.
Some passages stand out for me:

"The use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has been increasing in battlefields across the world and the current conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is no exception. Images of armoured vehicles being destroyed, regardless of attempts at camouflage, flooded Western media outlets as Armenian tanks were swiftly targeted by armed drones. Azerbaijan has been steadily building up its force of UAVs."
Comment: The use of new weapons and new tactics by one side sometimes causes problems for the other side. But they are never decisive if the other side is determined to fight. If you do not give up, then you have a very good chance of winning. Although the Azeris have the manpower and the weapons advantage, the Armenians have the will to fight.

It is often said that military leaders tend to train and prepare for the last war. Thus, when the next conflict comes, mistakes are made, early engagements bloody, and sometimes whole wars lost. Each and every time, the past-war preparers styled themselves more forward-thinking than their stale forebears. Military leaders are now faced with the question of whether the efficacy of armoured vehicles still exists in the face of ground detection radars and drones. If it does, then what to do about it? If you're Canada, you need to prioritize EW and air defence quickly.

"These images have enhanced Azerbaijanís sense of success on the battlefield, presenting an image of near-total Azerbaijani victory."
Comment: Both sides are ruthless propagandists. However, the Azeris take it to the next level. The actual truth on the ground is difficult to determine, but Azeri gains are not what they claim.

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