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So it seems like bossy got an email confirmation that the cheque was on the way. Aegypticus and I did not. I wonder if individuals who submitted application after a certain date (ie: Nov 15 or something) but within the December 31st deadline or whatever it was, didn't get a approval confirmation email because some type of automated system was shut down prematurely or something?

I think the person I spoke with last week said mid to late January. So if Aegypticus is being quoted early February and he filed a day later than I... these people are inefficient! JK JK.

But I guess I should just be happy the cheque is on its way. Nice to get a rebate on something I was going to buy regardless.

I did kinda tinker around with my original order to get a better deal on the Nest (Black Friday pricing) and get the Nest I actually wanted (I wanted the copper over stainless steel which wasn't available when I first ordered). It's a little bit of a grey area, but ultimately, I did acquire a brand new Nest to use in my home, so I can still sleep easy at night.
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