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Originally Posted by SportsJunky View Post
My son is asking for either a XBOXOne or a PS4 for his birthday. My gaming days are long behind me. Any advice on the best fit for a 10 year old? Up to this point he's been playing WiiU games. He doesn't want Switch.

He likes games like Minecraft, Super Mario Maker, Super Smash Bros.
He is very interested in Fortnite (we haven't let him play it up to now).
I'd go for either a PS4 or build him his own gaming PC. There're rarely any exclusives on microsoft consoles worth bothering with. On PS4 you already have Spider-man, God of War 4, etc. On PC you're going to have the best framerates, resolution, performance, etc.

Of course if he likes those Wii U games it's bizarre he doesn't want a switch.

Originally Posted by 8sPOT View Post
To me its about the controllers, as minor as that seems.
And my favourite controller of this gen is also the Switch pro controller, which I'm also using with my PC.

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