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Originally Posted by PsYcNeT View Post
Interested in seeing what other people's cities look like.
So here's what I've been doing for the last week I just passed 40k residents.

This is the overview. Upper left is where you start with this map.

Here's a bit more atmospheric shot from essentially the opposite angle. I really love geography of this place, very scenic and interesting to work with.

The district system is one of my favourite features in the game. I love giving different parts of the town really distinct character and names, like Cube City for the grid pattern office hell, or this sleepy little corner of the city stuck between the mountain and some of the the most densely populated areas of the city. I called it Cathedral District for obvious reasons.


I was somewhat short on interesting things to do with the main city, so I spent yesterday creating the part in the picture below. From left to right that's Lumberville (designed to produce much needed uneducated workers), Harborville and Northtown. Northtown was essentially born because I got so attached to the look of Harborville that my original expansion plan had to be moved somewhere else

Originally the traffic to the harbor and the (very slowly growing) surrounding industrial area was also supposed to just go through Harborville, so deciding to leave it as this cute little haven also gave my a good reason to finally do something with the freeway tool.

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