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We have heard about all these wonderful players he was trying to get but failed to get. Fleury, Kadri, Bishop are the ones I can think of. He brought in Curtis Lazar because he was so impressed with the kid because he sat in some restaurant with him for 2 hours talking. Are you kidding me that is his criteria, because he liked the kid!! He brought in a coach with a piss poor record with his previous team and then brought in all of the coaches favorite players from said team. Never even interviewed another F*&^%$$ coach!!!!(Beaudreau was available I think) He let malcontent Frolik spout off to the media thru his agent that he wanted out. Did nothing to set this straight. Frolik should have been told to go home until a trade was done. Brought in 4 players from one of the worst teams in the league last year and expects the team to be better????
He brought in Hanifin, Lindholm, and Ryan from the Canes - oh no!! They’ve only been spoke of the most consistent players on the team this year. Man, criticize, but get the criticisms right.

He also obtained the picks for Andersson and Kylington, then drafted them. In fact he’s drafted pretty well all around. He’s done great with RFA contracts.

There’s lots that hasn’t gone right for him - UFAs in general, some trades that got nixed (not his fault).

Not sure what you think can be done with a player with an a-hole agent.
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