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Originally Posted by SuperMatt18 View Post
I was 6 years old when Italy lost to Brazil in PKs at WC 94 - so that will always be my backpack, much like I will never cheer or like Tampa Bay.

Messi if only because I dislike just because I think the media has always overhyped him, and not given his teammates enough credit. One of the top players of all time but also very fortunate to always have other truly elite World Class players beside him at Barcelona.

The battery of that Barcelona teams was winning the World Cup with Spain, but people would always act heap all the praise and player of the year awards on Messi when Xavi, Iniesta, etc were just as important as he was to that team's success.

Part of me never wants him to succeed individually on the international stage for that reason alone.
Haha that’s fair, I think Messi is the greatest player I’ve seen in my lifetime, I do think his teammates don’t get the same recognition. I know for a fact Neymar was not happy about Barcelona and the media using the Messi celebration picture after the PSG comeback. He definitely does get most of the credit but he also takes most of the blame when things go south. I understand that he plays with great players but I’ve never seen a player that has been able to dribble and create chances out of nothing like him. I love Ronaldo (R9) and in his prime I think he was the best striker the worlds seen but I still would take Messi.

The season where he beat Mullers record was the best individual season I’ve seen

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