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I've had both, started with a nest when they came out around 8 years ago, pretty quickly swapped that for an Ecobee in a straight across trade with someone. That ecobee has been still running without an issue since then. The limiting factor for the nest for me was the lack of remote sensors, being a shift worker and in a house with my bedroom on the S/SW facing side it would never get the bedroom to a comfortable temp without having to figure out how cold to make the rest of the house when the AC was on. I bought an extra sensor pack and have only remote sensors doing the averaging (not the main sensor because its in the front hallway). Also does follow me/occupancy sensing. I set a custom mode for when I'm daysleeping to only use the bedroom sensor and ignore the others and I'm comfortable.

I was a really early adopter by almost a decade so sadly no rebate. I suppose I could have reinstalled my old thermostat and had them come in and do the install they were doing a couple years ago and sold it but that wouldn't be fair
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