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Default Hit the Net looking for GMs

We have opening for GMs in two of our leagues.

We are looking for a couple GMs in our classic 30 team points league. The league is starting it's 6th season with 30 teams representing the 30 NHL cities with roster sizes of 23 NHL players and 15 prospects. This is therefore a deep league but one which gives the fantasy GM a very rewarding experience as all players in a team and nearly every prospect are important. It is not a simple matter of picking off the two 6 players from each team and rolling with it.

We may also have an opening in our Dynasty league. The 12 team dynasty league isn't as deep but you get to keep every single player on the team allowing you to build a team from the ground up. Your only limit is the roster size. For this league we've attempting to add value to those players who may not by as productive in points but contribute in the important categories of hits and blocks. We're starting our second season after a successful first run.

If you're interested in either or both leagues please get in touch and check out the message board.

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