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Default Need new GM - team updated

We've been running for 11 seasons now and aren't going anywhere.

24 teams
23 man roster: 3C, 3L, 3R, 3 Forwards, 6D, 2G, 3 Bench
15 prospects, prospects graduate at 40 games played for skaters, 20 games for goalies
Keep 7F, 3D, 2 Skaters , 1G

Salary cap: NHL cap + 5%
Points: 1 per goal or Assist, 2 win, 3 SO

$45 entry for the first year, $30 each year thereafter.
Prizes 1st-4th in the regular season, 1st-3rd in playoffs

Yearly prospect and free agent drafts
Active GMs, lots of trading and player turnover, and a good level of commitment from existing GMs to continually improve the league.

Lots of CP and Alberta GMs but we have GMs across North America and in previous years have had European and Asian based GMs.

We completed keeper rollovers and have the Boston Bruins available. The team is fairly well built for the future and with the right GM and the right moves could easily be competitive.
Konecny, Nolan Patrick, Meier, McCann, Lebanc, E Kane, Coyle, Coleman, Ennis
Hedman, Matheson, Boqvist, M Pettersson
Hayton, Heponiemi, Kurashev, Denisenko, Kayumov, Pelletier, Robertson,
Clague, Keane
Swayman, Werner, Saville

Our prospect draft for three additional prospects is this weekend, and the free-agent draft is the following. It would be great to have someone in place now.

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