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Just did some driving in Melbourne/Sydney. Keep your signal hand (the right hand) floating as a reminder for your signal stick.

Driving in Melbourne a little more difficult as they have the trams in the city, which are king, and the "box" which is a little confusing (turning right you hang out until all the traffic has gone in the left lane), but other then that, pretty easy.

You will notice your lane orientation is off a bit, no big deal.

Talk through your maneuvers, have a passenger ready to hit the hazards if you are confused. Coming in and out of gas stations can cause you to revert. As long as you stay attentive and all that you will be fine. Drivers here are very decent, plus it's the best way to do some touring.

Also, follow the person in front of you whenever you can, that makes it easy.

The major tip is when you take some Ubers, sit behind the driver and get your practise emulating what you would do as he does it. This really worked for me. In the city a combo of tramming and ubers works best.

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