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Originally Posted by Wormius View Post
Could somebody explain again why something like a return flight from Calgary to London that has a short layover in Amsterdam is $780, while flying non-stop to Amsterdam on the same flight is $1220? I understand hidden city stops, I just don't understand why one flight is so much more expensive than the other. Is it purely a marketing thing of "non-stop" being considered better and demanding a higher price?

Is there a way of searching for really long layovers that don't quite count as "multi-city"
I suspect this is because of WestJet's service to Gatwick. It's almost always <$800 to book that flight, and other airlines need to compete with that.

Personally, I usually book a direct flight to Gatwick and then book with a different, discount, airline (EasyJet, RyanAir, Norwegian, etc.) to get to the city I want to visit. It's $80 bucks or less to book a one way flight to pretty much anywhere in Europe from Gatwick.

It's also a great way to see a bit of London, as there are lots of decent and cheap airport hotels, and great transit connections.
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