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Originally Posted by sureLoss View Post
I didn't expect them to get anyone out of development camp.

Development camp is usually filled with unsigned draft picks, signed prospects, college free agents, major junior players passed over in the draft, and overage major juniors looking to go pro

Heat d-men looking like so far:

Andrew Nielsen - NHL deal
Rinat Valiyev - qualified RFA - think it is likely he signs. if he was going back to Russia he most likely have signed over there already
Alex Yelesin - NHL - likely starts in the AHL
Rob Hamilton - AHL
Corey Schueneman - AHL

They will likely fill out the rest of the roster with AHL journeymen or entice some NHL tweeners with 2 way deals that are NHL min salary and high AHL salary.
I wouldn't be surprised if Kylington starts in Stockton either, not sure they want him sitting as the 7th defenseman.
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