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Originally Posted by TOfan View Post
Well, I don’t know and none of us do.

But, I tend to think Sutter sees something here. He probably spoke at length with Treliving, and ownership, about what the plan was. Surely, missing the playoffs this year was seriously discussed. He’s no dummy, he saw what was going on here and has been going on. I would imagine the Flames were forthright with what their concerns were and what the plan is. It wasn’t about salvaging this year. Maybe if he was 15-20 years younger he would have taken the chance just to get behind an NHL bench, but I have a real hard time believing he came out of retirement for this.
Except that things could look incredibly different next season especially with an expansion draft and some soon to be expiring contracts. If he saw something in this team this year, then he must have had belief in this year’s team, because there’s no guarantee a Gaudreau or Monahan or Giordano or a Tkachuk would still be here next season. I think Darryl, like everybody else who saw this team on paper, thought gee, this team seems to have everything top to bottom, they just need to start playing with some more urgency and accountability and they’ll be fine. Then when he got here, he quickly realized that it’s all just smoke and mirrors and it’s not a very good team at all.

Here are some quotes from Sutter the day he was hired:

"I think that this team has as good an opportunity as anybody to make the playoffs and do well in the playoffs”

"In order to be a playoff team, you need to play playoff hockey every night. “

"We're going to get this straightened out and get the most out of everybody."

Now here’s a quote from Treliving:

"Your job as a manager is to take your cues from the team," Treliving said. "I knew we needed to make a change, and there was only one guy we needed to have...This team needs Darryl and what he can bring."

Sounds like Sutter and especially Treliving wanted to make this move specifically to fix “this team” aka 2020-21 Flames.
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