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Interesting tidbit in an Portzline article from the Athletic today about the possibility of JD returning to Columbus, Jarmo has stated the BJís are looking to retool, not rebuild. With three 1stís sounds like theyíre prepared to move one, or more, of them. This isnít necessarily surprising, but I wonder what a trade might look like between the Flames and Jackets.

JG for Bjorkstrand and the 2nd of the Jackets three firsts?
Bjorkstran was on pace for 35G 60P last season, and isn't far off this year (more pts, fewer goals).

He's pretty darn close to Konecny in terms of overall value, right down to AAVs (OB has one extra year). OB is 2 yrs older, scores more goals, fewer pts.

I don't think CBJ does that trade straight up, let alone add.

The NTC really hurts...some "now or never" teams like CBJ, DAL, BUF, SJ, PIT, NAS etc. might have been more interested if their escape hatch (recover assets at TDL) wasn't so limited.
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