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Originally Posted by djsFlames View Post
Make any marmot friends at Helen Lake? It's a nice trail.

Did you have to take a ferry across to/from waterton to access the Crypt Lake trailhead? Was curious as to how that works.
Yes to both!

The ferry was pretty simple. We bought tickets the day before (only in person and to make sure that we had our spots). We showed up at about 8:15 and got on the boat. We finished the hike at about 4-4:15 and lined up for the ferry back. I had my kids with me, so the hike was rather slow. We did hike around the lake itself, so I think we totalled around 20-21kms for the day. It can take a bit because the ladder and tunnel and cables can be a bit backed up and you can’t pass people (or let people pass easily). I wouldn’t say it was really slow with a lot of waiting, but there was some waiting.

I’d highly recommend it though. It took me a lot of years to finally do that one and it was definitely worth it.
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