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I was thinking about this and I remembered I'd mined some Litecoins a few years ago. Took me a while to find my old wallet file, but I managed to find it. I've got at least 17 Litecoins in it and maybe more, have to wait for the blockchain to download.

Or will the Litecoin wallet show all my transactions right away? It shows my balance as 0, and shows transactions but they're grayed out (I assume because the blockchain hasn't downloaded).

I know I have more mining than those are shown, but I'm kind of worried that I left some on whatever exchange I was using at the time, I was mining a few different ones and converting them to Litecoins before sending them to my wallet. But I'm pretty sure I'd left a bunch on there, and looking back through my password file it looks like I was using an exchange called Cryptsy, which looks like was hacked.

I wouldn't have had more than a couple of Litecoins there anyway, or maybe even less, lost forever I guess.

But given Litecoin's price, finding almost $1600USD lying around isn't bad lol.

Think I should keep it in Litecoin? Or is the recent price hike a temporary thing and maybe I should convert to something else.
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