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Default Amazing Electrician

Hey Gents,

I had an incredible experience with a local small business electrician. his name is Zac and he is friggin' amazing. He came out to check on a problem I had for free, spent an hour exploring the problem and replaced an outside plug for free. I finally had to say to the guy, before he went down to my basement to start experimenting to find the problem, "I think we should make this a service call." He finally agreed because I said this was too much for free and he has to earn a living. Long story short a complicated problem solved with a one hour service call for like 85 bucks. Unbelievable, he was honest, walked me through the process and taught me a tonne about electrical that I did not know. Amazing. I give him two thumbs up! Here is his Facebook page, highly recommend if you need a reliable honest guy for any work you are doing. Once you meet him you will see what I mean. Countless stories of his excellent service in our neighbourhood. Anyways just wanted to let people know!
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