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Well it's hard for me to give specific advice of course, but generally speaking I have invested for myself and clients hard into the US over the past five years or so. I have also plugged a fair amount into Europe and been significantly under weight in Canada.

The thing is the international story won't last forever, and Canada won't be terrible forever either. It's impossible to predict with certainty the exact timing of things, and my point there wasn’t to do that. But while we have seen some trouble for Canada here, there are some sectors that will do well with a strengthening US dollar. Specifically exports and manufacturers should see a benefit. Even oil will see some benefit for their sales.

I don't put much credibility into looking at charts and finding patterns. I guess some guys make it work, but I just don't get it. By that I mean to say I understand what they’re looking for, and I know the theory, I'm just not convinced it's effective. That's not everyone's opinion though, and like I say some guys make it work.
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