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Originally Posted by Enoch Root View Post
If that's what you got from the article, that's on you. I see the political climate changing rapidly, and changing in ways that aren't good. Schools are churning out millions of kids that honestly believe that the world will end in a few years if we don't all stop all activity immediately.
Well, this is completely untrue. Millennials are a little more vested in the future than most people, because they have to face the world we are leaving behind for them. They are the generation that will have to try and resolve the problems we leave them, so you'll have to forgive them if they want less lip service and discussion, and a little more action.

They actually seem to have a pretty good perspective and are open to talking about the complex action, so long as some immediate action takes place to put a drag on what is seen as the root cause of the problem.

That, in itself, isn't that big of a deal. But what is a big deal, and big concern, is how the media, and society is reacting to it.
And how is society reacting to the issue that is a cause for concern? The fact that people are finally coming to the realization that it is happening and what the cause is?

Reasonable discussion is being aggressively replaced with bleating. Anyone that says anything that isn't currently vogue gets "SCIENCE" as a response. That is not what science is.
What is "reasonable discussion?" I've seen you throw this out several times, but have not seen you bring anything to table in the form of reasonable discussion. The link you recently provided is far from "reasonable discussion." It is the very bleating you complain about! And yes, SCIENCE sure beats the crap out of the mess from the blog you posted.

And sadly, you KNOW that. Yet you choose to put it aside and join the bleating whenever you read or hear something you don't like.
And you do the exact same thing, especially when someone posts something you don't like. The difference is that I actually try and make the effort to disassemble the issue and show errors in things posted or ways that counter the narratives being spun. I know its frustrating for some of you - because I use SCIENCE and all - but that is actually how rhetorical engagement is supposed to work. If I think you're stance is weak, so I'm going to provide facts that hammer that point home and hopefully correct the incorrect perceptions or beliefs. Maybe try and do the same by presenting your argument so this "reasonable discussion" can take place. That's all I expect and ask.
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