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Default 9. Do not post just to self-promote.

Do not post just to self-promote. No advertising, no posting of affiliate links, and no posting personal links to games where generating traffic is involved in winning. If you want to post a link to a funding site of your own or that you are involved with (GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc) please contact the moderation team first. If you want to pay to advertise a business or site, contact Bingo. Putting a link to your site in your sig is ok. If in doubt, ask first.

The Power Ring sub-forum can be used to promote your business as long as the post complies with the rules there.

Sponsored sub-forums and threads are available for purchase as well as banner advertising.

Sometimes a business owner will pay to advertise via banner ads, and sometimes they'll pay to advertise via sponsored ads or a sponsored subforum. In these cases rules similar to the Buy/Sell subforum apply in that negative posts about the sponsor or their product are not allowed, and a general respect for the fact the sponsor is advertising should be given.

Oct 2015 Update: Added reference to funding sites.
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