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Originally Posted by pseudoreality View Post
Thanks for your response. I guess I should have clarified that all my investments are VBAL and VGRO. The only risky single asset I own is my house. I'm not talking about leveraging for Bitcoin or weed stocks here.

For me, I don't see market index funds as being risky, more just subject to short-term volatility. If I don't need the money for 15 years and do not panic sell, being down the odd year doesn't bug me.

The thing is, I find it less risky than say taking out a second mortgage for an investment property, but the average person would rather borrow the money for a single asset than a diversified portfolio.
Yeah, you probably have a pretty good assessment of the risks there, but of course I canít say that with certainty without knowing anything about you and on a public forum. (Itís a regulatory issue and not me trying to be difficult). Just be aware that even a lower risk investment becomes more risky when you add leverage.
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