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Originally Posted by Slava View Post
To me, bonds are going to produce a lower return over the coming decade as opposed to the past couple of decades. Thatís not purely based on inflation though. It will create problems for people who are looking for income and people who rely on these instruments for balanced mandates. Itís common for people to look toward a balanced fund and basically slot that in for ~7% a year over the long term and itís medium risk, generally 60% equities and 40% bonds. That kind of thing has worked so far because the bond return has been high enough.

In looking at depressed fixed income returns going forward though, you need an equity return of over 9% to get to 7%. Thats going to be dicey (at best) for a pure medium risk mandate.

I guess to more directly talk about inflation, Iím not as concerned as maybe some others. A lot of the things I hear today arenít that different from what was said after 2008-09; ďthereís so much money in the system, theyíll never be able to get it out and it will lead to huge inflation.Ē But, they did get it out (only to put it back in), and inflation was never a concern. I also think that if inflation looks to be a factor, the central banks are going to act. Powell has already brought that up in the US and he was adamant that theyíre not going to let it rise too much.
If they raise interest rates to head off inflation that'll hurt bonds and stocks at the same time, imo.
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