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Originally Posted by Slava View Post
Honest question, just because I'm curious, but what are you hedging against with the crypto-currencies? Is it the potential devaluing of fiat currency?

I think that going forward, Covid is a lot like the flu. We'll have a vaccine each year and hopefully they get the strain right. What I hope is that the mRNA vaccines combat all of the strains, and maybe by getting a "vaccine cocktail" of some kind we can be effectively inoculated.
Part of it is the inflation. The other part is that it seems the younger generation sees it as the new store of wealth, the gold of the internet age, as it were. I guess it is speculation on my part. Given the built-in scarcity of the good, and the widening adoption, it seems worthwhile to bet a smallish amount of money in a tax-free vehicle to see for myself. I am not convinced enough at this point to hold actual coin.
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