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Originally Posted by VladtheImpaler View Post
To bring crypto into this, I am buying BTCC within our TFSAs as a hedge/what if. Have not been convinced to buy actual coins.
I also wonder about the covid implications and policy going forward. Are we going to keep shutting down every time there are "cases"? I am sure that the vaccine(s) will not end covid, so what is the policy government(s) will adopt and how will it impact investment? I think there is fair chance it will affect kids more going forward as we cause it to mutate. I am also sure there will be strains unaffected by vaccines. There are theories the vaccination drive will make covid worse, which are at least scientifically plausible...
Honest question, just because I'm curious, but what are you hedging against with the crypto-currencies? Is it the potential devaluing of fiat currency?

I think that going forward, Covid is a lot like the flu. We'll have a vaccine each year and hopefully they get the strain right. What I hope is that the mRNA vaccines combat all of the strains, and maybe by getting a "vaccine cocktail" of some kind we can be effectively inoculated.
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