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Originally Posted by FurnaceFace View Post
Do we have a resident CP mechanic?

A coworker is having a weird issue with her Ford where it blows cold air out of the driver side vents and hot air out of the passenger.
Assuming you don't mean a mechanic at the airport ( ) I've seen this before in our GMC Acadia. Does she have climate control with dual zones (one for drivers side and one for passengers)? Our issue was the mechanism that open/closed the airflow to each side failed so the valve was blocking the flow of air to one side of the vehicle. Actually we had flow to both sides, it was just coming from two sources - heat to one side, cold to the other.

I guess that won't help your friend other than perhaps as confirmation or understanding of the issue when she does take it in. Unless you or someone she knows are handy and can make the fix. It wasn't difficult in our Acadia, i was able to replace the part myself.

What part of town is she in? I'm not a mechanic but would recommend where I take my vehicles.
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