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Originally Posted by jayswin View Post
It is a lot of work for Flamesrule and for that I think we should pitch in...for...some hookers...
Winner!!! Lol.

It's all good. Honestly once the sheet was built it is about 15min work every 2 weeks. I'm just worried about an excel

I'll remember to put in some deadlines for the picks when I do a reminder post...speaking of which, lets have some news!!

New 18" rims and testing...they look so much better than the ridiculous 13" wheels they have now:

McLaren signed Hinchcliffe for their new Indy team despite Hinch being tied to Honda. I like Hinch, but goddamn does he have bad luck. I've watched about 8 Indy races this year and he's been taken out in at least 5 of them.

Some serious auto mfg are now in F-E. I'm actually pretty keen for this next year. Porsche / Audi / Merc / Jaguar / Nissan...

Here is the Porsche unveil:
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