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I think FantasyGP locks it just before qualy starts, same with the official F1 page. but I can see how that is a pain for you. Friday midnight would be fine for me, though I also don't see a problem if some don't get to it until Saturday, most qualy doesn't start here until mid morning at the earliest. Say friday midnight for ease, but if it is obviously posted before qualy that should be OK too.

Also, maybe worth considering if you want to switch it up next year or not have to manage a spreadsheet, FantasyGP is a really great one. First, you pick drivers and cars, then each race do podium predictions and a few other things. You can swap your teams around during the season. We could setup a league there. You can login with Google, Facebook, or make an account. Just an option for us, but I'm fine what what you are doing too.
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