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Originally Posted by Hemi-Cuda View Post
If you want guaranteed access to US streaming services, the only way is through a VPN provider that can also give you a personal static IP. Every standard VPN service has a pool of IP addresses that get handed out to their users when they connect, and Netflix/other streaming companies routinely block those addresses when they detect that they're being used by VPNs. With a dedicated IP, the only one using it is you so to Netflix and others you look like any normal user in the US

I just went through this myself with getting Hulu to work on my Shield. I already had a VPN through Private Internet Access and it worked for a while, but then it stopped so I had to shop around. Gave TorGuard a try for a month with a dedicated IP and it worked flawlessly. I was going to renew for one of their yearly plans but found out that PIA is working again, and my subscription is still good until August next year, so I'll keep using it until it stops again
Thanks for that HC.

Will something like TorGuard (or whichever service provides a static/dedicated IP) also work for accessing via mobile phone?

Also if I use it will I still be able to cast via my laptop/mobile device to my TV via a Chromecast?


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