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Another 8 years to beat DN4.

Holy frack I would have been satisfied with just an eve online experience strictly ship to ship, with some interesting story elements inbetween. With the addition of FPS gameplay, and the whole world space with mining/theivery/stealth/assault game play and the first 4 years of experimentation on universe simulation, and the insane amount of interaction with objects in the world, it's no wonder they've taken 7 years so far. Still not at Duke Nukem 4ever yet. (that was announced in 96, completed in 2011.) Diablo 3 has/had a longer development time and that released in 2012, not including the auction house shenanigans that were eliminated in 2014.

This is a 15 minute summary of the 2nd Citizen con 2949 keynote.

and if you have an hour:

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