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Originally Posted by Rando View Post
Has anyone actually said this? Has more than one person said this continually? The search function is limited on this website but I did a search of Stone + 2nd round and it didn't turn up much, one guy was suggesting Stone for a 6th during the season.

Think I've seen bring it up derisively a couple times recently and it almost comes across as some strawman attempt to belittle some opinions. Not saying that's your goal but comes across that way.

As for clearing space, cap, Brodie frolik etc.. Brodie is a clear value player. You hold him for value, value he clearly has as was shown by the nixed Kadri deal.
I will let anyone defend their view of Stoneís worth and not going to speak for them. I was in several discussions stating he had little to no value and was told guys like Stone have great value. If I donít remember correctly then I apologize or maybe those posters have changed their tune. It happens.

Of course Brodie has value.

But trading Frolik for cap space is trading from a weakness. The forward depth is iffy compared to defense.
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