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Icon23 Canes has Ovechkin singing the Blues

Ovechkin Bypasses Raleigh

In a move early Wednesday morning the Carolina Hurricanes and the St Louis Blues came to an agreement that granted Alexander Ovechkin's request to be moved to a playoff contenting team. Ovechkin originally found out he was traded to the rebuilding Hurricanes hours after helping the New Jersey Devils win their first ever CPHL championship. While Alex expressed to the Hurricanes management that he would do anything to help get the franchise over the hump and into the playoffs, he would really prefer to make one more cup run in his future.

After some consideration, the Hurricanes granted Ovechkin his wish and moved him to the St Louis Blues. At the end of the day, although we need Alex's goal production, he would only realistically be helping the Canes in a leadership role and he deserved much more

Going to the Blues with Ovechkin is ECHL defensive prospect Alec Regula. The Carolina Hurricanes acquire the rights to the 10th overall selection in the upcoming 2019 draft, St Louis first in 2020 and agreed to take on the remaining year of Patric Hornqvist contract

The Hurricanes front office continue to keep busy as management reshapes the organization this off-season

Thanks to Dropit for getting the deal done

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