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I watched this and my first thought was not this sh%t again, they did it in generations, they did it in the original series, they did it in Enterprise they did it in Voyage.

Writer - "Lets do a time travel arch it'll be a new thing where the Captain goes back in time to stop "

Some dude - "Its been done"

Writer - "Sure, but we'll involve the Borg"

Some dude - "Its been done"

Writer - "We'll send them back to the late past in earth and do a fish out of water . . . "

Some dude - "Its been done"

Writer - "But Q"

Some dude - "Its been done but we can make an old man Q action figure brilliant"

Writer - "Hey we had discovery time travel, and they can whip around a sun backwards. Can you imagine a Burnham Picard team, its rating gold"

Some Dude - "I just peed myself a little"
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