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We have Telus email hosting for our business. It was mighty nice of them to flag email from Shaw Business as spam. Total accident, right?

Against my better judgement a sales guy called a few weeks ago to upgrade our Telus internet(just a backup to Shaw) and it would save us $20/ month for the first year, and $10/month after that. Fine, whatever, do your thing.

Unfortunately our building management just transitioned, and they haven't responded to a request for access to the telecom room. So I had to call to postpone it. They sent me an email with the info, but it is a "do not respond" account. The phone number is the generic Telus one. So you go through the phone prompts, none of which match "I need to rebook an appointment" so 45 minutes later I get a guy who says he can have the installation team call me within 24 hours. That was Thursday afternoon, and they are coming Friday morning. You can see how this is not ideal. So I ask him just to give me their number. No can do. Can you transfer me? No, I don't have their info. So you are a phone company and a customer can't use a phone to get in contact? Well that's just brilliant.

So I email the sales guy, and he is finally able to get in touch with them. What a stupid system. Maybe provide customers with the number for the installations dept when you send out an email with installation info? Crazy thought, right? Why is it every time I have to deal with these guys it's a disaster?
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