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Default Calgarypuck Forum Guidelines

General Guidelines

These are the guidelines for all forums on Calgarypuck. The guidelines are listed in this post, and more details about each can be found further in the thread. There may be additional guidelines for each sub-forum.

1. Obey the Moderators.

2. Respect the other posters. Don't be a jerk, be civil. Don't harass or bully others.

3. Address the topic, not the poster. Having your opinion, claim or argument challenged, doubted or dismissed is not attacking you.

4. Make a positive contribution. Stay on the thread's topic, don't intentionally derail or otherwise assassinate a thread. If you don't like a thread, don't post in it. This isn't a forum for trash talking and flame wars.

5. Race, Gender, Sexual Preference, Religion, Political Views

6. Keep your posts at a PG level. Posts that are/contain nudity, porn, obscenity, gore, death, or extreme violence are not allowed. This also includes profanity; there is a profanity filter that should not be intentionally circumvented.

7. Don't post anything that could be considered illegal or considered to incite or further criminal activity. This include posting copyrighted material (quote an article and post a link rather than copy/pasting the whole article for example) or linking to pirate sites.

8. Don't post anything harmful or dangerous to another poster's welfare. This includes posting personal information, viruses or malicious links, and posts designed to abuse or threaten the mental or physical welfare of the other poster.

9. Do not post just to self-promote. No advertising, no posting of affiliate links, and no posting personal links to games where generating traffic is involved in winning. If you want to pay to advertise a business or site, contact Bingo. Putting a link to your site in your sig is ok. If in doubt, ask first.

10. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. If you are temporarily suspended, do not register a new account to circumvent the suspension.

11. Be considerate of others when posting, both with text and images. Keep images of a reasonable size, and posts readable and not disruptive.

12. Requests for poll hijacking are generally not allowed.

Sub-Forum Specific Guidelines

Additional guidelines are posted for the subforums that have them:

Fire On Ice Sub-Forum Guidelines

Buy/Sell Sub-Forum Guidelines

Ticket Buy/Sell Sub-Forum Guidelines

Power Ring Sub-Forum Guidelines
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