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I dunno. I think if a guy like Steve Mason is still out there he should at least be looked at to help shore up the back end. Look at Anaheim -- they've been developing goalies for years but last year they brought in Ryan Miller to help shore it up back there and it just gave them another lifetime -- and a great one at that. I think if the Flames has had a Steve Mason last year when Smith got hurt they still could've made the playoffs, and Smith is only getting older. If he's cheap, it's worth looking into. Mason has been a starter very recently.
There’s like zero parallels between our situation and ANA’s. ANA let Hiller and then Andersson go and handed the reins to their young goalie in Gibson. We may mirror them in a year or two if we hand the reins to Rittich or Gillies. But yeah until then our situations are completely different.
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