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Originally Posted by FlamesAddiction View Post
I think this is a likely scenario as well. It would also explain why the government wants to keep some mystery surrounding the encounters. It would also explain why this has mostly been happening during military exercises. Rival states would be interested in these exercises where as aliens, if they were interested in is at all, would likely be looking everywhere.

It does make one wonder if the eye witness accounts are exaggerations, fabrications, or if the witnesses are acting on behalf of the government to help create the mystery. Some of the eye witness accounts are so far out and specific, they leave no room for the balloon or conventional drone theories.

I am still leaning towards experimental technology meant to create illusions and effect instruments to baffle rivals. Probably the US themselves playing with it.
Of course it is, adversaries are always far behind the US in military tech, if these were "adversary-drones" buzzing warships they would have been engaged in 5 seconds. Hell, coming within 10 miles of US warships on exercise in a small Cessna will get you a stiff warning to turn away, and if you don't you'll probably become a missing person at sea.

My guess is the commanders know about these exercises, the regular crew/pilots do not.
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