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Originally Posted by corporatejay View Post
This is why I sometimes get frustrated with the criticism the UCP gets. They have stated from the outset that the goal is not overwhelming the hospital system. Not cases. Not deaths. Hospitals. so far that hasn't happened.

Feel free to disagree with the stated goal.
Kenney's ultimate goal was "the economy". Managing hospital capacity was a way to achieve that.

"The economy" vs. deaths/cases was a false dichotomy. See Australia, Atlantic Canada, etc.

The hospital system has not been in great shape. In my family we had a surgery that was greatly delayed, and a bunch of tests and diagnosis needed for a heart condition that was also delayed by months. The backlog at the end of this is going to be massive and expensive. People will die because of delayed treatment. Given our government bizarrely doesn't care about deaths, people who's conditions progressed because of delayed treatment will be much more expensive to provide care for.

A government not caring about deaths seems to stem from a US style selfish culture of putting one's own desires above all else. Humans have thrived because of cooperation and the ability to work toward the greater good. The selfish individual rights culture needs to die, and die fast.
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