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Originally Posted by albertGQ View Post
Looks like Wayne Gretzky is going to TNT in the role similar to Charles Barkley.

He’s getting paid $5M/year. Does that mean he’ll no longer be employed by the Oilers?
Apparently ESPN offered him only $2M/year

However Gretzky’s camp is denying the news.
Charles Barkley actually has personality and is funny as hell though. A more fair comparison is Jeremy Roenick. Granted the kind of stuff he has said has cross the line. Although Barkley can say some politically incorrect stuff also. But different culture/environment so different level of tolerance.

The personalities is why Inside the NBA is so great. It's less about the boring analytical stuff, and moreso about guys just talking about ball like a group of friends be.

With that said, it's good TNT is actually getting players that were actually good to be the personalities on the set though. It's a lot more interesting to listen to Gretzky rather than Colby Armstrong. It's why Sportsnet & TSN is so damn boring with their crew. Bieska is the first to really lighten things up and is enjoyable to listen to. Burke also was a good listen too.
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