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Originally Posted by Jiri Hrdina View Post
Comes down to some tough questions that I dearly hope they are asking
- Does the organization think they can win with Johnny
- Does the organization believe he will re-sign

Based on those answers you then have to determine
- When is the best time to trade him if he's not re-signing. The sooner you do it, the more value you get
- What is the best way to use that chip. Do you address the need for a better #1 centre? Re-build your overall asset base? Or something else?

I'm not sold on Patrick at all but that's a pretty compelling package of assets overall. I agree it doesn't really solve the needs of the Flames though, at least near-term.
To me if the organization decides to move on from Gaudreau they need to look at an immediate replacement and not a packages of players and picks from a non-playoff team. So I would prefer a Braydon Point type 1 for 1 deal if they move Johnny.

To take the Flyers deal to me is basically entering another rebuild and if that is the case Gio, Backlund, and other 30+ guys should also be shipped out.
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