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At this point I don't know what happened last off season. It very well could be that Neal was really banged up, and wasn't able to properly train until training camp. Flames were generous enough to offer him 28.75 million for the next 5 years, and he took it.

One thing James Neal does have an established history of is struggling when he first joins a new team. Happened after he was traded from Dallas to Pittsburgh, happened in Nashville, didn't happen in Vegas, but happened again last year. But every time he has rebounded to come back and be much better the following season. So really Vegas is the outlier, and there wasn't a player on that team who didn't seem to be motivated by something to prove his her worth as a NHL player.

Now it might well be that all he has left in the tank is to be a 20 goal and 35 point player which isn't useless but would be overpaid based on his deal. But for that reason I do think you need to see how he does this coming year. If he's the same as last year than it's a serious problem. If he can come back and produce, than hopefully he does so for 3 more seasons. In the case of Lucic...he was okay that first season, but now has two years of steep decline. Eriksson is older and is at 3 years of down production. So to me that is a bit more worrisome. It's likely that all 3 are what they are now...but if I have to bet on one to come back a bit...It's Neal.
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