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Originally Posted by Daradon View Post
Plus the one guy he couldn't fix was his best friend. And he had to learn to cope.

Duh? Obviously cliche?

I think there is a bit of too much reading in, because the series has gone in a few different directions they didn't expect. A few characters left that had to be written out unexpectedly, and there were a few cheats a long the way.

To say there was a plan from the beginning or even along the way would probably be incorrect.

But there are few shows that can say that. Lost is a perfect example. Just winging it but pretending there is a plan.

The characters they did create though made it so they could tie things in, and it was a satisfactory conclusion.

In the end it was about great acting and some great back and forths between characters. It was one of the most formulaic shows on TV and I'm not sure there was ever any huge plan for an arching storyline. But the humanity of House and even the staff brought us back.

And they didn't disappoint. And because of that, I don't feel cheated by it being cliche, which it was.
The "plan" of House being a broken man was always there and it isn't far fetched to believe that the plan was for him to some what fix himself in the end. That's the character development; how the show may have been designed and sold to a network. For example, I had a writing group and we wrote a TV series based on Superheros who were just normal people. We had a rough plan on how each character was going to be and how the main character would roughly go through his trials. However, the meat of the story wasn't planned. It could have been a year series or a 3 year series or longer.

Lost was only supposed to be a mini series, and the creators and network didn't expect it to be such a huge hit. That's why they flew by the seat of their pants. They already finished the original story line.

Cliche's are fine when they make sense, and aren't just written in to get the job done. The House finale was executed with class and didn't excessively manipulate the viewer to get to the end.

For example, the 2004 movie Crash. It was manipulative POS movie because it overreached, made unrealistic connections and it contained so many cliches that you knew exactly what was going to happen. So you were stuck there just waiting for it to unfold and finish.

While we all sensed
It didn't overreach or make unrealistic connections and you didn't want it to end.

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