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Originally Posted by rubecube View Post
Shouldn't the moderators be leading from the front though? Like if you guys can't be bothered to follow the rules and standards you'd like to see yourselves, why should anyone else feel inclined to?

EDIT: I also get the argument that virtue is its own reward but seeing mods behaving in ways that would get the rest of us infractions and trips to the sin bin is pretty frustrating.
In any community or organization anyone can lead.
But I get your point. I wouldn't agree that "we guys can't be bothered to follow the rules". That's a pretty broad statement. You are welcome to feel that way though.
I'm not going to comment on any one mod, just as I wouldn't comment about any one poster. The only reason I offered my thoughts up to FW is because he asked for a response.
I will say that the moderation team is a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and personality types. We actually deliberately vastly expanded the group years ago in part to ensure we were more diverse. And we try to hold ourselves accountable. If someone crosses a line, or if an action is disagreed with, we talk about it.
Doesn't mean we are perfect. I know I'm not. I know that some folks on the site don't care for me as a poster or a moderator. That's OK. We can't all get along. And I know over the years I've posted things I have regretted.

Which goes back to my original point. Ultimately the quality of any community is driven by the quality of every member. So if people want a better CP, be better CP members.

Even look at your response to Dion. He offered his view and you hit him with a teacher's pet blast. Is that the best way to continue this discussion? Believe me Dion is perfectly comfortable criticizing us when he wants to.

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