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Originally Posted by Jiri Hrdina View Post
My 2 cents and this is me talking. Not Bingo. Not the moderation team. Just me.
If you want this site to be better - be better yourself.

You've been rightly called out by many people for your low value one liners - by moderators, by fellow posters, by the owner of this site.

So you want a better site? Be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Every site has people that like it or dislike it - so I don't really care what one reads if you google Calgarypuck sentiment or whatever.

You seem to have a specific problem with one moderator. Surely as a grown adult you are able to deal with that? This is a hockey site with people having fun and talking about a sport they love. The level of frustration you seem to have with some posters and the site in general makes me wonder why you simply don't move on.

Otherwise what are you looking for here?

Again. You want a better Calgarypuck. Start by being better yourself.

Or find a different site where you would be happier.

But I'm tired of whatever this is.
Shouldn't the moderators be leading from the front though? Like if you guys can't be bothered to follow the rules and standards you'd like to see yourselves, why should anyone else feel inclined to?

EDIT: I also get the argument that virtue is its own reward but seeing mods behaving in ways that would get the rest of us infractions and trips to the sin bin is pretty frustrating.

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