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So, if my calculations are accurate I have the current CONCACAF standings as:

1-4: Mexico/USA/Costa Rica/Jamaica in some order
5: Honduras - 1357 points
6: El Salvador - 1327 points
7: Canada - 1322 points
8: Curacao - 1320 points
9: Panama - 1316 points
10: Haiti - 1277 points

The loss by El Salvador was huge for Canada as it brings the last hex spot into reach. Honduras with the win over Chile gives them a bit more of a gap.

I see Panama and Curacao have a friendly scheduled against each other for the next window which sucks for us since either one of them gaining points hurts us.

October matches:
Honduras: Trinidad & Tobago (A), Martinique (H) -no points at stake
El Salvador: Montserrat (A), Saint Lucia (A)
Canada: USA (H)
Curacao: Panama (A)(friendly), Costa Rica (A)
Panama: Curacao (H)(friendly), Mexico (A)
Haiti: Costa Rica (H)
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