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Originally Posted by Slava View Post
Yeah I guess that while I'm somewhat swayed and think you're right, I also think that there are some elements here that lean toward my points as well. The market is finite at any given moment. That point means that when someone gains, someone has to lose by definition. I just don't understand how you get around that.

I do think that the other six points I wrote about in my post still stand however. Even if I am wrong on this one (which I could very well be), I don't think that I'm completely out to lunch here.
While it's true that it's finite at any given moment, where you are making a mistake is that you aren't considering that your position as winner or loser isn't based soley on the current state/size of the market, it also includes the state in the past where you entered the market.

If at that point all the market conditions are the same then you're right, for every winner there is an equivalent loser.

But we know that's not true, the size/value of the market fluctuates up and down.
If it's up, then the winners will outweigh the losers, and vice versa.
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