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Originally Posted by Jiri Hrdina View Post
What happened this offseason though was an unprecedented number of pretty decent players going on waivers
I think overall everyone is being more cautious with their cap
I like to look at it as a combination of a few things, sorry if this is personally related to the Hurricanes but in truth it does have effect outwards too and I think other teams were similar

1. Last season I found myself on the outside during the change over as teams shifted their rosters to get back under cap. I made a effort to be in the mix and found that I had major deals agreed on before the trading had begun

2. I made a conscious effort to not rely on FA and have been taking on salary (10M) in dead contracts. By cutting back and not being as tight with my cap, now entering FA with significant less cap than usual. That taking on cap allowed other teams to retain players or have cap elsewhere in the league

3. There been a boom in star players in their final year of a 1.35M contract. These players will be getting a huge raise next season and that room that they allowed teams, to get under cap, will also work in reverse and cause a squeeze next season.

It was just the way the offseason was looking, FA wasn't looking like a good option to any team looking ahead, thus other moves were made that in turn dried up the FA market even more.
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