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Well slap me silly.....I had this wrong too.
I just remembered we stickied this thread. Every year this rule is confusing. But we tried to clarify last year

"This one causes problems every year, to the point that I even described it wrong it my initial post about RFAs.
To step back, the waive recall cut off rule was created to counteract a pattern of GMs stashing players 23 years and younger in the minor to free up as much cap space as possible.
So that could mean, for instance, that I could put guys like Seth Jones, Andrei Barkov and Nathan Mackinnon all in the AHL to give me more cap space to bid on UFAs.
However, it has constantly provided confusion and once we get into the season is near impossible to enforce, particularly since the sim sometimes dresses guys randomly.

So we are going to try and simplify this.

You must have any player 23 years or younger and a rating above the cutpoint (according to the grids) on your main CPHL roster when you submit your UFA re-signing or open batch bids. In other words their salary MUST be accounted for in terms of how much space you have to make those bids.

Once we are done with all UFA bids, then you have the freedom to move these players up and down as part of your roster management."

So basically, according to this, the players need to be on the rosters for UFA bidding or re-signing.
And then after that they can move up and down.

So what do we want to do here? Are folks comfortable with this rule. If so, I will go through and move all players up to their main rosters that apply, and then after that they can move up and down.

Starting a new thread...
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