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Originally Posted by Machiavelli View Post
I'm glad the second season was good, because this first one is trying me. Very slow, and the acting isn't great. The Tony character makes me cringe.

I'm just failing to see what the point of all these damn tapes is. Such a meandering storyline.
They're her Suicide note.

Instead of 'woe is me' shes trying to show people all of the things that they willfully and purposely ignore during their daily lives so that they arent bothered.

That it wasnt one person's fault. It was a collective effort. And if someone feels the entire world is against them, guess what looks like an attractive option?

Anyways, it is a hard show, and its not always great, but we stuck with it and even when it lags or goes off the rails (and it does) there is still meaning there and a real perspective that is difficult to obtain.
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